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With the research study “Gesture Control”, IRRINGSHAUSEN is taking on the current automotive trends of lightweight construction, ergonomy, and intuitive operation to show the seating solution from tomorrow.

“The Gesture Control concept study places the focus on intuitive seat control. The integration of tactile control systems on the side covers of the seat offers optimal seat adjustment possibilities. The now common swipe movement used on tablets and smartphones has been integrated into the seating control system. The integrated senor recognizes gestures and transmits the information to the seat. This mean that special gestures are not needed to adjust the seat.”  Explains Jens Rönnefahrt, Head of Predevelopment at ISRINGHAUSEN.

Gesture control enables individual function to be carried out faster and more directly that currently available control systems. The insensitivity to dust and dirt and the robustness of the control panel make the system especially applicable for everyday use. The optimal positioning of knock sensors on different areas of the control panel offers full control to define the interior space, for example, storing various seat position and adjusting the seat to the optimal position.  Without the needs for the previous control systems, new design avenues become available.