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New AUNDE Group Headquarters in Mönchengladbach

The history of the entire corporation is rooted in this site: In 1906, the company founders, Conrad Ebels and Victor Achter, decided to relocate from rented premises in Mönchengladbach to the green belt at the edge of the city.

They needed more space, then the eight looms were no longer enough to satisfy demand and deal with the overflowing order books. They decided to build a new factory in what is now known as the Waldnieler Strasse. From here, starting in 1982, the company expanded throughout the world. New production sites were opened, new products developed, and new markets conquered.

Today, 112 years after the original building, the capacity of the main production site needs to be increased and a new construction is necessary. The administration will leave the historic sites and move to a brand-new office building. Part of the current production halls will be replaced by a new construction – without production having to stop for a single day.